Solar energy

Preliminary research and study for this project started in July 2018 by Daniel Krämer and continued in March 2019 by Hermann.

Phase 1: Solar Lights in all rooms (completed in December 2019)

In October 2019, Jesús and Lola from Madrid (Spain) raised funds. They received valuable materials and donations and came for a week to manage/execute the project. Shalom teens were instructed and became great helpers. Papa Klaus came from Germany a week later to finish installing LEDs and complete the project.

Big thanks go to:

  • Employees at LCOE (Central Official Electrotechnik Laboratory), for your generous 750€ raised in a fun charity soccer match. There was just one winner: Shalom!
  • Legrand Group Spain @legrandgroupes and ELT for your donation in electrical materials (electrical main box, switches, sockets, led lights, etc.).
  • all volunteers, donors and supporters from Germany.

Thank you for making this dream possible. We always have light now when needed and our study times take place at a daily basis:)) We thank God and remember you every day!

Phase 2: Additional Solar Panels for The home appliances.

Home appliances at Shalom can now use Solar energy. This includes lights, Freezers, Washing Machines and Electronics(laptops, phones, TV).

Phase 3: Solar energy for the well water pump. (currently in planning and fund raising)

The water pump is our most energy demanding device with high electrical expense. Papa Klaus met some technicians in Shalom in December 2020 and got all necessary information to plan the execution and fund raising.