December 2019 Update #1

The first week’s works have been a real success. Thanks to all donors for your generous contributions!

  • 4 Solar panels and lights have been installed and are giving light to Shalom every evening. Thanks Lola and Jesús!!
  • Beds are being built and matress ordered thanks to Darin and family. Thanks!
  • The planning for the chicken house has been made and we are waiting for estimates. Thanks Iñigo!
  • The inside patio is being renovated and gutters installed thanks to many anonymous donations.
  • small boys and girls bedrooms are being painted to receive the new beds.
  • front porch is also being painted and decorated for Christmas
  • the new water pump for the well was installed. Thanks Gema&Joaquin!
  • since we didn’t have enough money for a playground, we are planning to buy some bicycles as Christmas present and teach the children to ride them.
  • we also bought a bunch of school uniform shoes