Renovation of the kitchen/dining building

Renovating the building attached to kitchen and dining room (occupied now by the chickens), would give extra space needed for storage and dormitories.

The building’s foundations are already damaged from erosion caused by the heavy rains. The roof will also be renewed, rain water collected and a nice patio between both buildings could be built with a kitchen sink and benches.

Estimated at 5,000 USD (depending on size of patio and if covered). Funds are needed.

New structure for water tanks

The actual metal structure holds up high, four water tanks (5,000 liters each) to give pressure to the water. Two of the four tanks are currently kept empty since the metal structure is bending and dangerous. Due to lack of funds, in February 2019, this old structure was only reinforced with iron beams. When enough funds are provided, the new structure will be built much stronger, over a concrete foundation, as you can see in the following pictures.

Estimated at 6,000 USD  (needs funding)

Cupboard(accomplished Feb. 2019)

16 ready and in use in the boys dressing/storage room (blue room), which was completely renovated in December 2018.

14 ready and in use in the girls dressing/storage room (green room), also renovated in December 2018.

The children are very excited to have their own private space. What a great Christmas present! Big thanks to all sponsors. (more info here)

Roof repairs (accomplished Feb. 2019)

The roof was inspected in December 2018 and estimates for repairs were asked for. Unfortunately, it was not repaired since the solution was not as easy as first thought and not enough funding was available. Herman and Klaus came to Shalom to make it possible. Big thanks to the Walldorf High School and the Förderverein Wapelbad in Germany for financing. (more info here)

Overall house repairs (inside and outside)

The walls, floor, doors, and paint need to be repaired in the whole building, outside as well as inside. Heavy rains and lack of gutters have caused flooding and damaged floors, paint and walls. Funds for urgent electrical repairs have been raised for the next coming mission trip in November 2019.

Rain water harvest

Construction of an underground concrete tank to collect rain water has been planned. It will reduce the extremely high and unpayable current water bills. Will also allow Shalom to have water the whole year round.

Estimated at 5-8 thousand USD depending on capacity .Funds are needed for the next mission trip in November 2019.

Guest House (ongoing) 

Our own Guesthouse is being built with donations and hard work from an American team, members of the Goldsboro Worship Center in North Carolina (USA). It will be a source of income and will allow us to happily accommodate guests and volunteers in the near future. Half of the rooms are ready to be used. You can find recent pictures in the posts window.

Funds are needed for furniture and fence!

Purchase of land

A plot attached at the back of the house is on sale right now. It will allow to build small homes for the older children. The Orphanage was built for 40 children and 80 children live in Shalom right now! Space is necessary (marked in red).

8,000 USD

Purchase of a second hand van/minibus

Shalom could save much money on transportation. We own an old 7 seat vehicle which is not enough for us. Sometimes up to 20 children are cramped in.

Estimated at 12-17 thousand USD

Driveway gravel

The driveway is very damaged, with big potholes. It is getting eroded away from the heavy rains. Drainage and gravel to prevent this situation is needed.

Structure and transport of Solar Panels from Germany to Karatu

Solar Panels have been donated in Germany and need transport to Tanzania. Solar Panels will allow Shalom to reduce the high electricity bills.

Solar Panel Construction Plan

Estimated at 5,000 USD (needs funding)

Link to solar panel presentation

General Info

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