June 2021

This year, during our June School holidays we had lots of surprise activities and projects. Together with our friends, we had an amazing time and many new experiences.

1) Kitchen & dining: new stoves and roof & building renovation. This was a huge project. We are amazed and thank all donors for their generosity. Big thanks to Juan, Papa Klaus and Mama for planning and supervising. Many of our older boys and girls were also actively involved and learned valuable skills.

The new cooking stoves are so efficient that will allow us to reduce 90% of the wood burned and the cost. “Thanks Michael for coming from the USA!!!” ( more info here)

The kitchen and dining roof has been completed. We need to continue with the roof of the other half of the building. “Thanks to the Company Target Software from Germany!!!.”(more info here)

2) Solar Energy. This project started 2 years ago and has been accomplished. With 12 new Solar Panels and batteries all lights and appliances run now with solar energy!! . We are very happy and thankful to Papa Klaus for planning, fund raising and organizing this project and also Photons Energy in Arusha and Peter for supervising. Thanks to all donors too, we are amazed of your generosity which made this expensive project become true. (more info here)

3) Tie dye shirts. Each of us designed our own colorful and unique T-Shirts. The message behind this was to learn and embrace that everyone is unique and beautiful and has their own unique talents and purpose to “wear” and fulfill.

4) Activities. We enjoyed many activities together like baking(and of course eating) delicious cookies and other pastry. We also did other activities for all ages including outdoor games reading and coloring, making the decoration for our circus “stage” and fun nights of movies games and fellowship with the teenage boys and girls.

5) Swimming. Even though June is cold season in Tanzania Mama took advantage of the warmer days to make us practice. The water was so cold that we really had to move fast to avoid freezing and we are really improving!!

6) Circus Project. This was the best holiday ever! We trained different circus disciplines like juggling, rope skipping, pyramids, face painting, acrobatics and also singing and dancing. At the end we created a small circus performance including costumes, our beautiful tie dye t-shirts, face painting, a self decorated stage and talents and enjoy this new experience.(Watch Youtube Video here) Again the whole goal was for everyone to discover more of themselves and grow in self-confidence, have a moment to shine and create something together.

Thanks Paloma for organizing and donating this beautiful project.