February 2019

After only two months, Mama Carmen raised enough funds to finish and support more projects. Special thanks to the Walldorf Highschool and the Förderverein Wapelbad E.v. in Germany for their generous donations. Also big thanks to Carmen´s friends Annette, Ana and Joaquin&Gema for their benefit birthday parties! These people made possible for Mama Shalom 2 to come back with another team of volunteers and support us with big projects.  We had great fun with Anika and Larissa from Germany and Mario and Manu from Spain.  They took many pictures and prepared a video with us. Also Klaus (Papa Shalom 2), came with his friend Hermann. They made sure the following projects were correctly done and finished.

Herman’s soccer team, FC Isselhorst donated many outfits and we had some great soccer fun together.  We wish to meet more of you. Thanks for your generosity!

1. Big Boys Bedroom complete renovation

This new and beautiful room is a reward for the boys good work during the last December projects. They all worked hard with the restoration of old furniture and renovation of four rooms: Mama´s office, Visitors room, and boys and girls storage/dressing rooms.

The door was moved to gain space; now we could increase from 12 to 20 beds and we even fit a table with 6 chairs, as you can see in the pictures. All mattress are new as well as covers, electricity and mosquito screens in both windows.

We remember you every night and thank you for our dream has come true!

2. Finish the 30 cupboards:

This project started in October 2018. It was the Christmas present from many sponsors. We made sure the Carpenter finished all 30 wardrobes for the children after many months of work. Some creative ideas were needed  to solve the lack of materials available.  Seventeen of them  are now standing and in use  in the boys dressing/storage room (blue room),  and thirteen in the girls dressing/storage room (green room).  Both rooms were renovated in December 2018 mission trip.  The children had some fun practicing to fold clothes. No more broken shelves and messy floors! Now everything is sorted out  and clothes and shoes will finally have a place. We thank you very much!!

3. Renovation of the porch roof:

The roof was inspected during the December 2018 mission trip and the solution was not as easy as first thought. The wooden structure and cardboard ceiling were too wet and damaged to be repaired and a new roof needed to be built. Klaus and Hermann came from Germany to plan and supervise the works while visiting  the area.