December 2019

Project 1: Solar Panels Part 1( Solar lights in all rooms)

Preliminary research and study for this project started in July 2018 by Daniel Kramer and continues in March 2019 by Hermann.

In October 2019, Jesus raised fund in Madrid, received valuable materials and donations and came for a week to manage and execute the project. Shalom teens were instructed and became good helpers. Klaus came from Germany a week later to finish installing LEDS completing the project.

Big thanks to Madrid(Spain) two times:))

  1. To LCOE employees (Laboratorio Central Oficia de Electronia) for your generous 750 euros raised in a fun charity soccer match. There was just one winner: Shalom!
  2. To Legrand Grupo Espana @legrandgroupes and ELT for your donation in electrical materials(electrcal main box, switches, sockets, led lights etc)

Thanks also to all volunteers, donors and supporters from Germany. We remember you every day.

Project 2: Patio Renovation & Installation of gutters.

The patio was in a very bad condition mostly due to the lack of gutters, the steps and ramps were broken and the walls and floor very damaged. The new gutters and five down pipes are now collecting the abundant rain water and taking it outside.

This project was studied by Hermann in his March 2019 visit. Wapelbad e.V in Germnay donated for the gutters. Thanks to other donations, renovations work in the patio could also be done.

It was a real challenge to have the new floor done with 80 kids home for Christmas and in the start of the rainy season. We thank all children for your coperation. ( Patio Renovation )