Next mission November 22nd to December 15th, 2019

We are excited to inform you all that we are in the planning process for the next mission to Shalom. Again a mixed group of ages and nationalities. We thank – Lola, Jesús and Isabel from Spain; Paloma, Carmen, Carlotta and Kristin from Germany; Sara and David from London and Iñigo, an architect from Kenya -, for sharing your time and knowledge with us.

We are raising funds for the following projects:

  • Construction of a new hen house
  • Renovation of the big girls room
  • Rain water collection system: starting with the gutters around all the roofs
  • Electric urgent renovations around the house
  • a fun addition to the playground as Christmas present for the children

All projects are in need of funding except the new hen house that has received a 1,000USD donation from Sweden. Thanks Mr. Fleischer and friends!!

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Christmas 2018 Trip

Before Christmas, thanks to many generous donations, funds were raised for the best Christmas present ever: 30 wardrobes to store the childrens’ clothes! We could also buy a milking cow and do some renovations in the house:

– The boys and girls dressing rooms
– Mama´s office and Visitors room
– Old existent furniture was restored: drawers, shelves and tables are now being used in the new offices.

We have learned how to use the tools and are extremely happy about the result of this dusty work. It was definitely worth it!!